Job – Senior Game Developer @ Whitefield, Bangalore

We are seeking to hire a Senior Developer responsible for building games for various target platforms based on the Unity3D framework.

The primary responsibilities will be developing new features on top of our existing open-world third person shooter action and racing game framework.

The candidate should be senior (3+ years with Unity development, or 2 years’ Unity and 5 years’ other 3D real-time development).

Our programmers and game engineers work intimately with an interdisciplinary team of professionals and play a key role in carrying out product development from conception to execution. Applicants must have clear written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to interact well with others.

Optimization of game and memory usage performance on mobile platform is a must. Having knowledge in Cruncher, Lightmap bake, navigation mesh and A* Path Algo would be added advantage.

In addition, we are also looking for suitable senior candidates who can head and build  the development team to oversea our various projects.

Want to join for team then send your resume to